Saturday, August 30, 2008

Summer in Review

With school starting Tuesday, I'm reminded of how
quickly the summer has flown by. Thought I would
share a few photos of random day trips or
scenes around town. Lauren always manages to
find the "JOY" in any event and I think in this
case a photo(or photos) truly is worth a thousand words.
Regarding our sweet boy: we hit a snag this week
having our adoption papers authenticated
in downtown Chicago. We will try again Wed.,
and hope our papers will be headed to Taiwan
by the end of the week! We will keep ya all posted!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Video of our baby boy!

Just look at him!


We are so tickled to introduce our latest miracle: our sweet baby boy, Pei-En.

He was born on July 9th, and is a healthy bundle of bouncing boy.

We plan to incorporate his Taiwanese name in some way, but have not

yet decided on a full name. Many of you know that it has been our dream

for many years to add to our family and we are so grateful for the

unwavering support & enthusiasm shown to us along the way. We

have been blessed beyond words by two countries halfway around

the world. How lucky we are!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I don't recall the first time I heard the word, 'blog'. Blog? It sort of sounded like something eery and didn't conjure up warm/fuzzy thoughts. As the years passed, I became more familiar with the term as associated with folks expressing/sharing ideas, world views, politics and more. Then a dear neighbor and her family moved across country and 'blog' became so much more personal ~ a way to keep in touch across the miles beyond phone calls and emails. I loved seeing and hearing about their family outings and enjoyed the peace of mind knowing first hand that they were all adjusting well to their new home.
Most recently I have experienced 'blogs' with absolute wonderment as I have been privileged to view the efforts by many of the folks on the Journeys of the Heart board I have been a member of since deciding on our latest adoption path. Through these blogs I have laughed along side these families as they have shared happy times, prayed alongside them as they awaited court decisions, first rulings & travel dates, shrieked with glee as baby referrals were introduced with pride, watched with awestruck joy as Moms and Dads were finally able to hold and cherish their beloved children, and so much more! Through this I came to embrace blogs and view the devoted bloggers as story weavers....pure magic!
Beginnings?.....yes, a new beginning for our family as we await word of our sweet baby boy and a new way to document this incredible journey to our Forever Family.
Thanks so much for stopping by and please come around often!