Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cousin Bliss!

First I just want to thank everyone who wished us happy tidings for our Spring Break adventure! I am probably a tad biased, but I do believe that I have the VERY BESTEST bloggy readers/buddies around! How lucky I am! AND I wanted to send a quick hello to my A. Marlene in California!! Hope you are all well!!

Our week away was WONDERFUL! Gosh, but there is just something about going "home" and spending quality time with family and visiting all of our favorite haunts and hot spots. Trips to the downtown square, yummy pizzzzzzaaaaaaa from our preferred joint, treasure hunting (a.k.a. bargain shopping!) with my Mom and loads and loads of chit chat. :) Tyler did splendidly with the new surroundings (and people) and even the longish road trip didn't create too much trouble! We had one bad moment on the ride down, but its amazing how far a desperate Mama's arm can stretch from the back of the mini van to insert a fresh bottle into an equally desperate awaiting mouth! LOL

My cousin and her crew also made a safe trip in and we all spent a glorious day visiting(adults) and for the kiddos PLAYING PLAYING ....and did I mention, a bit of PLAYING?! Tyler adored meeting all the cousins and my Aunt Kris too! Naturally he rose to the occasion with plentiful raspberries, babbling and ready smiles. And like all babies he immediately knew there were additional children in the house and was both charmed and enchanted by all the extra attention and by all the family. And I kinda think they liked him too! ;)

Somehow life in my hometown ( well, the town I consider to be my "hometown" ) just seems slower paced, more relaxed and a bit more peaceful. I know a big part of that is the extra pairs of helping/loving hands on deck, the warm incredible hospitality of my folks and frankly a whole lot less traffic around town. And I love going home......I am grateful Scott loves it too.....and so lucky to be able to go back often and share it with my kiddos. I miss my folks already!! :)

And Miss Lauren? A blur of light most of the week! *grin* ZOOM......there she goes, down to my parent's huge basement to play restaurant or carnival with Alyssa.....ZIP.....was that her? Oh yes, there's the back of her head as she tackles her big cousin Alex during a wrestling match in the living room. ZIM.....she favors me with a quick smile as she dashes off with McKenna to play "Dog & Cat" in one of the back bedrooms. It was glorious for her.........truly cousin bliss!

AND as this seems like the right time, I have been wishing to share a bit more about our nieces and nephew for quite some time. My sister and bro-in-law have three incredible children who both Scott and I are so very proud of. Each one is loving, kind, intelligent, beautiful(handsome) & unique in their own ways. The time, attention and devotion they show both Lauren and Tyler is so humbling and magical to witness. Long before Scott and I were called, "Mama & Daddy" we were "Aunt Eeya & Uncle Dot".............we feel so blessed to have these kiddos in our lives & just cannot imagine life with 'em! Thanks Alex, Allison & Alyssa!

Here they are at Thanksgiving........I'm so thankful for them all!
Here is our brood from just this past week with my cousin's kiddos! (Lauren, Alyssa, Tyler, McKenna, Zack & Alex)
You just can't manufacture that kind of joy! (Alex & Lauren)

As you can see, Baby Tyler is already a big fan of his cousins too! (Tyler and Alyssa)

Two happy girls sharing a giggle! (Lauren and Alyssa)

Christmastime smiles.......Lauren's shirt says it all! (Lauren & Allison)

Its tradition for our babies to have at least one "bath" in Mimi & Papa's kitchen gotta love that grin and that well placed shampoo bottle! ;) AND how much do I love and still get a jolt of joyful surprise at saying or writing......babies......plural!!

Had to include this one......look at the height on that hair! What a baby!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

"Bloggus Interruptus"

I just have to let you all know that this next week will be extra BUSY with family coming in from out town and lots of trips scheduled for us! My cousin and her crew are traveling back for Spring Break from N. Mexico and we could not be more anxious and thrilled to see them! ( We have not seen them since last summer!!) During the week ahead Tyler will make his first longish road trip ( fingers crossed!), explore my hometown a bit and meet and greet lots of folks who are SO ANXIOUS to see him at long last! Of course don't count out Mimi & will be all hands on deck and lotsa lovin to go around! Miss Lauren will be in cousin bliss and the rest of us will cease to exist for a few days while she works to keep up with Allison, Alex and Alyssa! :) The only fly in the ointment is that I won't be able to check in on all my bloggy and board buddies to get all the latest and greatest!! But you will all be in my thoughts and I am counting on some ( um, actually TONS ) of stellar news upon my return!!

*Especially hoping for some court movement for Sarah K & Lisa R. & Heather!!

*Would LOVE to see firm travel dates for Michele, Staci, May and all my board buddies still awaiting AIT dates!

* AND PLEASE OH PLEASE some referral news for Suzy, Missy, Terry and all the others who have waited so patiently only be let down month after agonizing month! (((HUGS)))

* I so hope I have not left anyone out......I think of you all often!!

AND, if you have a moment check out my friend Jen's blog ( Bringing Home Baby #2) from my blog roll and help to welcome their newest cutie-pie!! He is an absolute doll!! Yay!!

Okay, see ya all next week!!
P.S. I couldn't leave ya without adding a pic. This one was taken as a possibility for our baby announcements( which I'm way late on...but they are being printed!!) :) but not used as I caught too much sun! But I still LOVE it and thought you might enjoy it too!!!
P.S.S. Oh, to my "still at Ringwood buddy" happy to hear from you my friend!! :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Leapin Leprechauns!

The luck of the Irish has struck our home once again! For the past few years now those tiny mischievous leprechauns have paid a visit to our sweet girl on the Eve of St. Patrick's Day. They sure don't visit every home or even the same home every year, but we have always told Lauren that if you "realleeeee" believe and welcome them with open arms, they may just come a calling while she sleeps! And as March 17th always marks Lauren's 1/2 birthday, we believe those fanciful sprites make a special point to stop by our house each year.....with this year being no exception! Here's the run down......

Where do they come from? Well, Ireland I suppose........
Why do they visit the homes of some families? Why,....... to run a mock of course!! ;)
What exactly do they do? Mischief.. my friends....pure and simple....mischief!
But I mean, what really do they do? OH, that's an easy one......they play play play with the toys and leave bits of mayhem behind!
Do they clean up their own messes? ( I laugh in the face of that question!! ) Naw.......BUT, if they choose your house and play with your things, they DO leave behind some small and fun trinkets as a way of saying thank you!
How come the dog can't hear them, you say??? Well, we think they bribe her.....we seem to find suspicious crumbs near most of the messes........that's our watchdog! LOL

And with this being Tyler's first SPD and with our family being green up to our eyeballs in so much LUCK & good fortune, those leprechauns went out of their way to say hello this year! I'm going to let the photos give most of the explanation, but years past have found us scrubbing teeny tiny glittery footprints off of the sidewalk.........returning every pair of socks and shoes to its rightful match/pair.......finding green "lucky" beads on the stones by our home, finding every closet door ajar........and always, always, plenty O' toy box messes! :) Happy St. Patty's Day Everyone!! Enjoy!

This is the sweet note & gift Lauren created for the leprechauns! It worked again...

Seated by the scene of the crime: a puzzle done upside down....upside down toys.....a disorganized star stacker....pillows in the wrong places! And much more not pictured!! :)

Some of the spoils of the day!! Her tokens of gratitude from those spirited sprites!

They T.P.'d our foyer and staircase. Lauren spotted that first thing this morning and her hoots of delight were priceless! ( and well worth any clean-up efforts!)

We found all of the books in this basket upside down!! Those stinkers! :)

Tyler loved it all too! He wore green for good luck, but the moment I took the bib off.....drool city! See those two darling pearls on the bottom? He's getting a matched set on the top too.....Hello Waterworks!!

I just had to include this one.......look at those cheeks! My goodness I am crazy about this little guy!! About BOTH of my little ones!
Thanks for stopping by to check in on our two little precious leprechauns! May the luck of the Irish grace you all!

Friday, March 6, 2009


(If you make it to the end, there are pictures awaiting!!, I KNOW that's what you really want to see!!)

Exhale.......our family has hit our stride, found its rhythm & are settling into a blissful routine. It was a month ago today that we flew half-way around the world to bring home our baby boy. We knew him then only through glimpses & snippets and yet KNEW he was destined to complete our family. This time one month ago was filled with tremendous hope, regret over leaving our precious daughter at home while overseas ,anxiety and some fear of the unknown. I wondered at that time how this one tiny boy would blend into our established daily routine, how the dynamics of our family would change, would a strong sibling bond develop?.........I wondered what things made him smile, comforted him, engaged him........I yearned with my Mama's heart to breathe in his baby scent and hold him forever in my arms.

Inhale with joy & deep deep I can say that we have weathered the shift in time zones, recovered from multiple germs, overcome jet lag and our transition, while far from complete, is successful. OH, I know there will still be those days.........all you ladies know what days I'm talking baby crying, in need of a six year old, intent on sharing a very elaborate story that demands complete attention ( cuz, yeah, there will be a quiz later!), cue in one barking dog.......a Mama who really needs to tee-tee ( and probably has not showered yet for the day!) and yep......the phone rings or doorbell dings..........feel free to insert ANY set of circumstances that fit your life today and you KNOW what I speak of! BUT this Mama is back in her own bed at night, relishing the sweet sighs of two angels asleep and safe in their own crib/bed(s) and believes that her family is gathering the strength of unity, love and "togetherness". And that's priceless......

Hiccup, with a giggle.........yes, so many of you have been sweet enough to inquire about how Lauren is adjusting to her role of Big Sis! The sickness (2!) she endured was certainly a hiccup, but in the past week plus we have seen the relationship between her and Tyler blossom and flourish. My heart sings with joy & pride when I witness his absolute delight and sheer pleasure when she walks into the room and calls his name. She reads to him daily and when he spies her approach with one of his favorite( he has several!) books, he begins to giggle....scoot along his bottom and babble like mad! I know for certain that her affection and attentions have greatly eased his grieving and helped him learn to recognize his new first name. I believe in my heart, that the joy she shares with him, is equal to the happiness that he has brought to her. The happiest time of my day is spent watching the two of them cuddle or play.

I wish to close this post today, with something for prospective adoptive Mamas....whether they be first timers, or readying themselves to bring home #4! Please do allow yourself adjustment time.......and even more importantly, the luxury of understanding that mistakes will be made( for my part, I've stopped expectations might be different from the reality ( for worse OR better!!) and not to push yourself quite as hard as you may be tempted in those first few weeks. I only partially heeded my own advice and hindsight ALWAYS graces us with crystal insight. I know I was hard on myself......I know there were times I should have rested, when instead I was sweeping, or cleaning the bathroom or worrying over something! If you can.......just allow yourself the gift of embrace every moment of those fleeting first weeks!

Wishing you all a glorious weekend!

My sweet baby looks so big next to his Sis.....but look how tiny he really is in that huge crib!
Matching laughs and matching faces while they play!

I LOVE LOVE the look on his face whenever Lauren comes over to play! And if you look close, you can see her joy too!

Can't resist adding this one.......its one of their favorite games......Lauren dubbed it "Tyler Taxi". And no, we don't usually get him in his snowsuit....just a coincidence on this day! :) AND these past few days its been so beautiful and warm enough that our taxi service has finally made it outside!! Yay for early Spring!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Give "Peas" A Chance

John Lennon said it best in 1969 when he sang, "All we are give Peace a Chance".....and this past weekend we thought the same thing, but about sweet peas! LOL Thought you might all like a silly peek into our weekend of food exploration! Our little man is a GREAT eater and has done so well with all the new tastes & flavors we have introduced! His favorites to date are Gerber Bananas & Sweet Potatoes, with his bottle still being tops! Yesterday we tried Sweet Peas ( is there really such a thing??) and we found something Tyler does not care for....... I think the pics. speak volumes about it all!!

Yikes.....what exactly are you feeding me?? Hmmm....maybe if I spit it all out and breathe through my nose it will help! :)

Nope....not gonna do it......not gonna do it!! See how I look away.....maybe if I'm not looking it will disappear!

Hmmm.....these big folks are slow to pick up on the non-verbal cues........ I see I have much work yet to do with these two! ;)

Whoooo-hooooo....something I can get excited about!! ( This shot was taken AFTER we mixed the peas with his Sweet Potatoes! )
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend & as always thanks for stopping by!! I also want to send ((HUGS)) and support to all my Yah** & blogger friends struggling with the pain & wait of their respective adoption journeys. You are in my thoughts & prayers!