Thursday, June 25, 2009

Three Word Thursday

Sweet As Sugar......

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Illustrations..... photos bumped my text for some reason and I'm just not able to fix it! Please enjoy these pics. and when you are done, there is a small novel available to clear things right up! LOL Hey, I think we've already established that I can get a wee bit long winded.......I'm just sayin.......P.S. After a HUGE day at the BIG pool yesterday, we opted for 2 of our blow-up pools today: Big Sally was just too much work on short notice, but Bruce and Joe filled in quite nicely! Hey? I mean......everyone names their blow-up pools right?? Right?? heh-he-heh....Also included are a few illustrations from our recent van ride home! Enjoy!

Don't worry......really, he's harmless(when fed) & she's a sweetheart!! ;)

Hey, this pool is just my size!

It really does take a village to keep Ty's hair stylin! Loving the "faux-hawk".......

OH MY!? What does she mean by, "poor man's jacuzzi??" LOL
OHHH, so that's what she meant. YES, I am the man!! The king of the pool......

Tyler's face at the 3 hour mark. "What do you mean we are not home yet?"

Lauren's face at the 3 hour mark.......(while parked for a quick break) "AHHHHHHH!"

Daddy's taking too long......." we are so outta here!"

"Don't worry Mama, its all under control." How could any Mama doubt this face??

Hi Everyone!

Though I have popped in to most all the blogs I adore and follow ( I'm sure I've missed a few!) since our return a few days ago, I have been remiss in updating our little slice of the blogosphere! Ohhhhh yes, its been busy, but also I was simply to eager to see all your news to focus here. AND, I don't know if its the heat, Mama hood or something else altogether, but my thoughts have been jumbled of late and I didn't wish my post to resemble "scrambled eggs" again. ;) I'm all over the place, but in a good way.......soooooo the kiddos are slumbering away, the photos have been cropped and I think maybe I can string a sentence or two together! But just in case, I'm mostly letting the photography do the work for me! See, the heat is making me lazy too! *mischievous grin* Curse this blog for always making me be so brutally honest!

We had a glorious time with my folks while away and my Mom is doing so well! I know she worried throughout the visit that her leg was holding us back a bit, but of course we simply wanted to see them, be with them and just relish the quiet moments together. I hardly took any pictures while away, but did channel my fledgling shutterbug for a few glimpses of the ride home and a few more today! Tyler is a great sleeper on road trips for about 1 1/2 to 2 hours......bless his heart.....and Lauren is fantastic passing the time reading, chatting and sometimes watching a DVD; she gets a bit fidgety at about the 3 hour mark.........unfortunately our ride takes every bit of 4 hours, so its always an adventure both ways! lol I have taken to sitting in the waaayyy back of the van with our sweet Miss so that I can engage her and see baby Ty too. The irony is not lost on us that 2 comfier and roomier captain's chairs go unused, while I bump along on the less plush 3rd row seat, squeezed in with Lauren, Lexi, the munchies, diaper bag and frequently Lauren's menagerie of stuffed animals. Scott loves it though.....he gets full control of the radio and c.d. player. :)~

And finally......happy happy Fathers Day to all the fabulous Dads, Grandpas & God-dads out there, most especially to my wonderful hubster & my own incredible Dad!! How thankful I am for all the fellas in my life, each and every day!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Scrambled Eggs with a Side of Bacon

I have a little bit to share about a few topics and I hope it really doesn't resemble scrambled eggs when I'm done! :) And the bacon? (ick!) I have a beef to share too & that's not something I usually do on bloggy world. :0) But I'm getting ahead of myself.....

Today marked the final day of Kindergarten for my chickadee. Honestly guys, I just don't know where the year went....I truly don't! It just seems like a moment ago we were filing into classroom for the meet & greet and carefully filling her backpack with new crayons, scissors, glue stick and more! Its been a tremendous year for us in so MANY ways and Lauren has had a glorious school year. I'm so happy for her and yet mightily baffled that I sent a Kindergartner to school today and welcomed home a First Grader, as she gleefully shared. Gulp......

I have also been wanting to share some silly numbers with you all.........these are approximations and all are true!

5 ~ the number of times I have been asked if Tyler Pei-En is from Korea. This is almost always asked by families who have baby boys adopted from Korea. :)

4 ~ the number of above families that have also shown me photos of their little ones after inquiring about Tyler's birth country. :) Pretty cute stuff too!!

0 ~ number of folks who have asked if he is from China or Taiwan.

2 ~ number of folks who have asked if he is from Kazakhstan. :)

1 ~ number of folks who have inquired if he is from Guatemala. ?? LOL

10 ~ number of insightful people who have told us how lucky WE ARE to have these two amazing babies! :) Loving that.....

3 ~ number of well meaning but incorrect folks who have told us that our kids are the lucky ones. :( Maybe we are all lucky to have found each other!

11 ~ My baby boy turned 11 mos. old yesterday! He was placed in our arms exactly four months to the day yesterday! My heart still does flip flops of joy just thinking about it!

5, almost 6 ~ number of words our little guy can say clearly and with meaning. His newest(#6) is, "mo, mo".....translation: MORE and always while pointing to Gerber Star munchies or bananas. :) He also goes "mmmmm" real loud when he sees us eating and wants a nibble. LOL He likes his grub!

12 ~ number of summertime weekends between now and Labor Day to pack in tons of fun in the sun, visits & outings!! :)

Are you wondering about the bacon? Where's the beef?? LOL....sorry, that was too goofy and predictable to pass up....... O.K. I don't normally share my petty gripes, annoyances or pet peeves; I guess I figure we all have to deal with enough of that in our daily lives, so who needs to read about it here, right? But just this once ( well, I will reserve the right to do so again in the future as needed) :) I'm gonna holler a bit about the people who find it necessary to enlighten us with such comments as: " boy, you really gambled; thank heavens it all paid off" or " well, now I know of at least 2 International adoptions that turned out well." Then there's the perennial, "boy, you guys sure dodged a bullet" and the always pithy, " you two are far braver than me". I'm not going to say a whole lot about this........I figure maybe you all can draw your own conclusions; but how sad that some folks labor under such misconceptions about internationally adopted children. Presuming perhaps that the adoptive journey is one fraught with great peril, risk and few happy endings? I think perhaps this is sometimes said as some kind of attempted compliment or for lack of anything else to say..........but its frustrating and offensive just the same. Don't our babies/children deserve the same chance to define themselves, to be viewed as whole/healthy, to be accepted for the tremendous miracles they are? I think so & preconceived notions irk me. There, I said it! That felt good & I thank y'all for lending your ears to my rant! :) Oh lordy, I'm on a roll now........I also found it annoying last week when an acquaintance at the pool hollered out, "stamp that baby's butt with a Made in Taiwan label"! Groan........... ~ the optimist in me just has to say that by & far most comments made regarding our kiddos and adoption are overwhelmingly positive and wonderful.....but just once in a while..... :)~

NOW, onward and are a few pictures. One is from Lauren's first day of school last Fall and then several from today. Look how my girl has grown!!

AND, almost forgot.......I'm gonna be away from bloggy land for the next week. I know I'm going to miss seeing those beautiful baby updates and I HOPE to see lots of good news when I am able to check back in next week! I'll miss ya all and will be anxious to catch up soon!

My sweet 5 year old just starting Kindergarten.
Now she's 6........ & on her way to First Grade in the Fall!

Polka-dot princess!!

This is my view as we walk to school. She zooms along on her scooter!

And the baby keeps busy while big Sis is away at school!

Strumming a little tune..............

Making a joyful noise when its time to pick-up Lauren!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Prelude to........

I want to first thank you all for the thoughtful, heartfelt and sweet comments you shared recently regarding my Mom's accident. It meant so much to us all and I know she was tickled to read each & every kind word! I've said it before, but its worth saying guys truly are the very best!

AND happily I can share that she is recovering well, both body and spirit. My Dad has been incredible, shouldering all the household tasks, cooking ( well, o.k. fetching the take-out!) and helping to keep her spirits up. My Mom is always on the go, so sitting back, resting and healing has been tricky but her attitude is phenomenal! I'm so proud to share all of this and so unabashedly grateful for her quick recovery!

As for us, we have been good. The months just continue to zoom by and soon we will mark 4 months home with Baby Ty. 4 months home??? Whaaa????? Whaaa???? How is that even possible, when it feels like a moment ago he was placed into our arms. I surely know the months we waited for him to come home NEVER EVER went this fast :) but what they say is true.......time flies when you are having fun! It's also a strange paradox that there are many days I feel as if he has always been with us.........and I guess he was, in our hearts & dreams.

We've also experienced so many firsts for Tyler and for the four of us. For years we have enjoyed day trips to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, our local pool/water park & the petting zoo. Now we have the joy of sharing these outings with Tyler and oh my gosh, has that been joyful. This is a little guy that leaps into new things with such vim and vigor and absolutely doesn't wish to miss a single thing! There are times I wish belatedly that I had the camcorder or had thought to snag a photo the exact moment something new is being introduced............then I just take a breath and hit "save" to my Mommy memory. That's probably best anyways, cuz I always look a bit thinner and more put together in my own mind's eye! LOL

Hugs to you all............I am making it around to all my favorite blogs, just a bit slower these days!! Just know I'm thinking of you all, wishing good things each day!

P.S. Oh yeah, I'm posting a slideshow above too.........I wouldn't leave you guys hanging with no pictures!! :0