Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Black & White Wednesday

Of all the treasures one might have..............

diamonds, riches, properties, jewels.......

Of all the moments, both big and small, to cherish.........

graduations, weddings, holidays, promotions, celebrations........

Nothing compares to the love of a child.

Wishing Mama's everywhere peace, harmony and joy each & every day of the year........

My 2 greatest treasures...............

Another fun photo from our trampolining excursion, but our niece Allison experimented with adding a hint of color to Tyler's cheeks and I loved how it turned out! Thanks Allison!

I adore that my best girl spontaneously made a heart shape with her hands ~ that's my spunky Lauren!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Two Hearts for Hope

Please if you have a spare moment, visit the link provided below to the Two Hearts for Hope organization. This foundation was started by 2 families who traveled to Kazakhstan to be united with their miracle blessings and later were called to do something more for the ones left behind.

Right now there is a small group of volunteers in Kazakhstan visiting 2 Babyhouses: one in Almaty, where among other things they installed an incredible playground for these precious children ~ imagine a child never before having access to a park......tragic.....and the other: Karakastek ~ which was Lauren's Babyhouse. Lauren's.....

Reading their thoughts on this Babyhouse(and the children) is utterly heartbreaking for me. They describe the terribly poor conditions that exist today ~ but our family knows firsthand that things were worse all those years ago(and maybe better in other ways). Over the years we have sent donations to this Babyhouse via our agency and in communicating with other families who traveled to this region, we know things have improved; but sadly not enough. When we attend Kazapalooza this summer, our collective group fundraising efforts will go to support this worthy organization and for that I am so thankful. So. Very. Thankful.

Sorry, I know this is scattered ~ battling my emotions today as I follow along with this incredible team of parents & siblings. Hoping one day that we might stand among that group.

Please, if you can, take a moment to scroll down and share in their thoughts and photos from this trip. They also have a powerful video at the top of their site.......... And if you can spare one, please save an extra prayer tonight for all the waiting children of the world. May they know there is love, compassion, hope, grace and beauty in their lives.

Thanks to you all! I couldn't think of another place or group of people I would rather share this link with and know those reading along will understand.......truly understand my thoughts and feelings today.

Monday, May 3, 2010


My kids in motion..........

I could have just as easily titled this post "Fun" or maybe I could create a new word combining the two ~ "fotion" or "fun-notion"! :) We spent this past weekend at my Sister's house participating in their community wide garage sale (whoooo hoooo for making some mad money AND removing a bit O' the clutter from our casa!) and celebrating our youngest niece's birthday(Happy Birthday Alyssa!). As always it was a grand time and was the perfect bookend to a busy busy week. Is there any other kind of week?? :)

Right back to basics this week and more sorting as I prepare boxes for donation or to pass along to friends.

AND yes, still battling some downloading issues with our photos but I did find a "backdoor" method that seems to be working tonight. The only glitch is that it limits my editing function a bit ~ so frustrating! I also wish to give big thanks to our wonderful niece Allison for lending her photography skills and sending along a few of the pictures featured below( and a few I'm tucking away and saving just in case!!). She rocks!

I know its WAY too many to share in one post & the order is a bit scrambled, but since I don't know when I will be able to share photos again........well, better safe than sorry I suppose!

Hope everyone is doing well and relishing this gorgeous Spring we have been blessed with this year! It felt so summer like this past weekend and today was even warmer! Sadly it seemed the camera was mostly out during the overcast moments over the weekend.......LOL but we didn't let those clouds get in our way one bit!

Fun AND motion on the trampoline! My sweet little man.......

Small but mighty!!
This was Tyler's perpetual expression of glee during his trampoline time!

And we've been to the park a time or two also. My girl sitting pretty on top of a slide.

Gotta add this one cuz look at those cheeks and mouth! I also just think he looks so much more like the baby of last Spring in a hat ~ AND he keeps his hats on(most of the time). Oops, now I've probably jinxed myself ~ ack!

Windy(I'm talking 50 mph gusts!) days don't stop my kids.........we just head to the indoor park at Menard's! LOL

Silly sideways motion on the trampoline!

A bit blurred, but look at that jumping bean! Tyler is probably teetering but somehow still standing tall! AND never does he lose that death grip on his sippy cup! *grin*
A "hair-raising" jump!

Or 2............

And I always love to end my posts with my 2 cuties together ~ they make me smile each and every day, even when the "motion" leaves me exhuasted! I wouldn't want it any other way!! :)