Monday, January 24, 2011

Rock On!

This will actually be a brief post........yes, from me!! :) I really, I promise! *smile*

I am tickled to redirect you all tonight to the Taiwan R.O.C.ks ( Taiwan adoptive families reunion) blog that has been created to keep everyone current and up to date on all the latest and greatest about this First Annual event set to take place August 12 - 14th in Dallas Texas.

And I could say so SO much more and add oodles and oodles of thoughts about the why, the what and why this is going to be so special ~ but I think its already been said on the R.O.C.ks website!

Oh and just in case you are on FaceBook, please drop me a private note ( I just recently joined!!) and I would be thrilled to add you to our reunion related private group where even more information awaits along with relevant chatter and kiddo related threads of interest; plus lots of cool Mamas and Dads too! :)

Please check it out and hope to see you all in sunny Texas this summer!


Kelli said...

Cute website- I will be browsing as I seem to be part of a planning committee for a May (yikes!) Vietnam get together!

rachel said...

go you guys! you are all going to have a blast!

now lisa, you'll have to start practicing your "y'alls" and maybe get yourself a mighty fine pair of cowboy boots so you can fit in here. :)

michelle said...

Love the new blog! All of you are just amazing for planning this. I'm so excited to finally seeing your little man, Tyler and Lauren too! And of course, meeting their wonderful mama!! Just excited beyond any words!

Joe and Jane said...

Thanks for stopping by our site!

I heard about the Taiwan event and wish we could attend - what a great idea! We have a conflict but hopefully we can make it another year!

Sarah k said...

Hey babe! I am glad to see you so excited.. I wish this was LAST summer as we were in Texas for about a week to visit David's family. I don't know if we will be able to vacation at all this year. So want to see everyone!

Sarah k

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