Sunday, January 9, 2011


our little guy turned 2 and half years old. Next month, to the very day, we will have had him in our arms for 2 years. Never is the swift passage of time more evident than during Holidays, milestones and significant events that mark the contrast from before to the now. Wasn't it just a moment ago he was blowing out candles on his Elmo cake, gleefully holding up 2 fingers and announcing to anyone (and everyone), " I two now". Two indeed, plus 6 months! And though I can recall with instant clarity the long months of waiting for our travel dates and the enormity of our journey to Taiwan, in all ways, both big and small, it feels as if he has been with us forever. Somehow one tiny dimpled man filled a space that we didn't even recognize existed, added a joy and spark, we didn't know we lacked and claimed us for his own ~ and we him. He just fits.....perfectly.

And because I've been a bit *ahem* remiss in my blogging duties of late I dug through my photo archives to share a few photos from late Fall and of course some more recent ones from our Holidays. *sigh* Are those over too? So quickly? I didn't have a spare moment to share, but we loved our time together and Christmas was lovely. Our sniffles cleared up just in time and Santa found us at Mimi & Papa's house, just like always. He spoiled the kids again this year, so I guess they had been pretty well behaved. :)

AND because this blog is as much a journal & scrapbook (for our children) as it is a way to share snippets of our lives with friends and family, I thought it might be nice to share a few thoughts about Tyler as he marches forward, one day closer now to three than to two. When we still marked his age by months I sometimes shared bits about his color, number, shape, etc. mastery but this time I'm going in a slightly different direction. He's solid with all of that or at least when he chooses to be. :) But its the little things, all about what make him......well, SO him, that I don't ever wish to lose or forget. So that is what this Mama wishes to share and I appreciate in advance your indulgence as I do! there are pics at the end if you make it that far! Or you can skip right there......I won't tell anyone, I promise! ;)

Its the way he dashes up, full throttle from behind to wrap his arms around my legs and whispers, " I love you Mama". Sometimes he shouts it too! :)

Its in the way his eyes dance and light up when I walk into a room.........even if I've only been in the next room for an instant.

Its about how he just melts into my body, rarely ever being the first to let go of that hug and pats my back. And when he's on my hip and I need to set him down for a bit, its in the way he clings all the tighter, favoring me with a mischievous grin. This prompted me one day to dub him my baby monkey and now he delights in reminding me of his monkey prowess by makin' those ape like sounds and scritchin' under those arm pits! Ummm....yes, he's clever and a bit dramatic!

Its how he asks if Lah-ren is home yet, so hopefully, every single school day following his nap and tells her she's his best friend. *sniffle* And when Lah-ren was feeling nostalgic for the way he used to call her "La La" and requested he do so again, he told her "sure, but its a one day special." LOL Yes, he keeps us on our toes!

Its sometimes the way he negotiates to have his way, even when Mama or Daddy have said no. First its tonsil city, he might try on a scream(oh yes, he does!), quickly followed by the classic pout. He might fashion a half hearted temper tantrum but can usually be coaxed out of it with a distraction or silly face. AND you might think you've won the battle...... but please don't be fooled as he's merely biding his time, searching for your weakness, all the while keeping an eye out for another susceptible member. And when all else fails? He points to his very own dimple and asks: "how can you say no to this face?" I'm not kidding AND yes I have and do laugh out loud when he does! How could I not? But I still have to say "no" sometimes. :)

Its always in the way he hollers out, "sing the song please", which is the theme song from Kung Fu Panda. And when you (o.k. me) begin warbling out the tune, he folds his hands together, bows deeply from the waist and then begins his karate like hip hop dance, personally choreographed by his sister. And the actual movie? He could care less about! Even better is if he can perform for an audience which he does with no hesitation. Me on the other hand? I could live without the public singing gig. *blush*

It was the moment last Fall when he and I were headed out to our Friday morning Mommy and Me two year old preschool class and he requested to wear his penguin backpack, which he lovingly filled with up with Zhu Zhu hamsters, slung it over his shoulder and wondered aloud if he would get homework like Lah-ren. And later it was how he sat by her, sharing the moments of his morning, listing each one of his friends: "COOlin ( Colin), GAvin, Mac and Delightful" ( translation: and got his own pencil and paper out because he had"math" to do just like his sister.

Its the way he has memorized passages from all 20 of the Mercer Mayer Critter book collection (his favorite!) he inherited from Lauren and brings them to me each morning asking for "cwackers and books, please Mama". And when I say yes, its those little legs dashing around the corner into the kitchen and the sound of the pantry door opening and his running dialogue as he rejects or selects a snack for our morning reading time. AND its about his willingness to share the VERY last iced animal cracker with Lexi dog who sits patiently by, pleading with her eyes. Of course he usually licks it a time or two first! *grin*

Its about continuity in the face of so many changes: still not too fond of meat, though he does eat chicken, but man oh man does this kid still love his fruits, snacks and have a voracious sweet tooth! And lordy, don't get me started on his memory; his recall is scary and we have to be SO careful about what we say, cuz he WILL remember and remind us. With frequency! :)~

It was the way he kept asking, in his sweet, but clear as a bell voice (i.e., so loud we had to take ourselves to the sound proof kid room...LOL) ... to "take walk and go see Baby Jesus" at church on Christmas Eve and when at last, the baby had been placed in the manger near the end of the service, how his tiny hand flew to his mouth and he gasped "oh my gosh, there he is Mama........happy birthday baby". Its also how we have LOTS of work yet to do on church behaviors before Lauren makes her First Communion this Spring. ;) Yikes!

Its how I had forgotten how delightful two year olds are and how they share every moment of their day's activity in a running dialogue all throughout the day. "Look how my legs can reach the coffee table Mama!" "Look Lah-ren, my toothbrush is lectric (electric) just like yours'." "Daddy throws me up high.....more please!" "I got my hair cut ( a month ago) and didn't cry." (shared every single day since, thank you very much!) And how innocent and big hearted they are at this age!

Its how one day he wears his Lightening McQueen undies for the whole day and stays dry and the next tells me that "undieeewares are scratchy and I like my diapers." Because he knows his mind, he CAN be fickle and frankly I'm not in any hurry anyways! (yet) :)

Its in his laughter that fills the house, in chorus with Lauren's, two sounds I might never have heard if not for the miracle of these these children. Its all of this and so much more!

Happy half birthday baby boy ~ the joy you (and your sister) bring to us is indescribable!

Now here's a bit of eye candy if you were patient enough to get this far! XOXO

Joy on Christmas day ~ the two best gifts I will ever receive.

Winding down during our extended family Christmas a few days after Christmas.

Ready for Mass on Christmas Eve; Tyler is practicing his perfect pitch so it carries the farthest during Mass. :)

Loving on Mr. Penguin. I love how sweet his face looks here and how tiny he seems. Also sporting those new Scooby-Doo jammies!
Two big hits from Santa: full size Tiger and yes (!) strawberry gum! How smug does he look? lol

He's funny too............quirky sense of humor. Oh, loves Mr. Potato head and singing greeting cards also.
Cracks himself up too! Not afraid to laugh at his own jokes. :)

Master of the barbecue grill! "Cooks" for me daily and helps me set the table for dinner each night, one napkin at a time.

Never down or in a funk for long...........such a good natured and sharp little guy!

Our Little Man...........


Lou Ann said...

What a wonderful tribute to a little guy who clearly lives and loves to his fullest. And it's so sweet that you can share this now so he can appreciate it later!

BTW your pictures are beautiful as they are. I don't think you need a new camera. Want maybe but need - now way!

Lou Ann & Lexie too

michelle said...

Happy 1/2 birthday Tyler!! And a happy 2 years with your sweet little guy, Lisa. I can't wait to meet him in August and see those dimples up close and in person!

Love all of your wonderful snippets! Those hugs are the best!! And I'm starting to see as Lexie approaches 2, she's beginning to vocalize what she's doing, not that I can always understand her.

Tyler is a sweetheart and has a sweetheart of a mommy too!

Future Mama said...

What a wonderful post! And of course, love the pictures you ended with...

Much love,
Future Mama

Pink Velvet Mommy said...

Happy Birthday beautiful boy!!! I swear you and Hayden were actually twins separated at birth:) Everything is so similar, the memory, the sweet tooth, the running dialogue, musical cards, monkey grasp....the list continues, I swear I was reading a day in the life of H and me:)

What joy they bring and it is so important to hold on to each minute because it goes so quickly and it is all so delicious!!

I look forward to the day we can get them together!!! and that sweet beautiful girl Lauren who I know Hayden is going to think hung the moon!!

Staci said...

Really, already 2 and half! Happy half Bday cutie boy! Such a sweet post for your boy.

rachel said...

oh my goodness - those pictures, as always, are fabulous! love the wax lips and beard. and the one of him and L on Christmas - such joy, indeed!

boy, potty training already? what an overachiever. ;) my older two were 3 and 4 mo and 3 and 7 mo. :/

lisa, i always love to read about how much you cherish and enjoy your kids. it's so overwhelming clear through your words and photos.

many blessings to you as you soon celebrate two years together! i hear that one's a BIG milestone!

minime0910 said...

Love the eye candy and the wonderful words of love about your sweet boy. 2 and half, wow! It's hard to believe how fast time goes by. Love to all :-) Erin

Tracy Ann said...

I love your writing, what a sweet post. I love that Tyler pats your back, that's the best thing ever! Makes me want to get my baby out of bed for some snuggles. He is just beautiful. What a fun age! Your pictures are great, you captured their joy at Christmas and how much they love each other.


Lisa said...

aahhh thank you... I love your blog posts... and btw I think we should to an arranged thing for the future with Paige and Tyler.LOL

Buckeroomama said...

Oh, what a wonderful read, Lisa! Tyler's such a sweet and super adorable little boy. These little ones are such blessings, aren't they?

When I read that part about church, I remembered one time when J was about 2-ish, we went up for Communion (my husband was carrying him in his arms) and Josh told the priest, "I want a white cookie, too!"

Happy half-birthday to Tyler! :)

Kelli said...

Aw, happy half birthday, sweet boy! He sounds like such a joy! And smart and funny too. This is such a great age. Wonderful update!

7th heaven: 4Chinadolls 1gentleboy said...

Beautiful pictures of your beautiful children..Happy 2011..hope this year is filled with MUCH love and joy...

Christine said...

What a wonderful update on sweet Tyler! There are so many great moments/tidbits in here, but my favorite is grabbing your legs and whispering "I love you" ... LOVE that. And the photos?! Oh my. Just wonderful. His personality just pops right off the page. And I do mean POPS.

Oh, and the Jesus thing?! Spencer made sure to let everyone know that *santa* brings Jesus on Christmas. We'll need to work on that next year. :-)

QingLu Mama said...

Happy 1/2 Birthday little man! I love all of these wonderful tidbits of what makes up Tyler!

He truly sounds like a joy and a definite firecracker! I can imagine you are on your toes all day, with a smile, as you try to outwit him!
And yes, family day next time has flown since then. And I feel such a connection with your day, knowing you where being handed Tyler on the same day Sammy was coming into to the world. It's always been a comfort knowing you where there even if we didn't know it at the time!

And the eye candy at the end of the wonderful and so very sweet! I just love every photo and can see Tyler's sparkle in every one! And of course Lauren, lovely as always!!!

Thanks for sharing all....

Wanda said...

Oh how I love to read how you weave a tapestry of love in recounting such amazing detail of your sweet 2 and a half year old treasure. Tyler is so full of life - I laugh at so many of his antics and all the things that are just so "him". His "one day special" actually made me snort out loud. What a character!

Happy half birthday and 2 years with your sweet boy. (Still THE cutest boy I think I've ever seen.)

Lisa, you may not post as often as you would like but for me, when you do, it is always satisfying. You never disappoint.

Enjoy the week-end!

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